Next Step in Carving the Ear Wing


I’m bringing out the ear more and then I drew out the idea of the feathers so you can see how I follow the shapes as much as I can. Now it’s time to carve out the feather shapes.

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Carving the Wing

As you can see in the first picture I have a lump at the top of what I see as a wing shape. I tried to line it out with the pencil but it may be a little hard to see. On the left you can see how I’ve carved off that lump and created more of a curve.

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Coming Along


I carved out the face a bit more, the eye is a little more detailed. I’ve also carved out a bit of something on the side of the head. Can you see where I’m going with this?¬† It’s an odd one for sure, and I already love it!!!

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Next Step in Carving


So now you can start to see what I was seeing in this rock. There is this face but what is going on around the head?!? I have my ideas but I’m curious what other people might see. I’ll give you a hint… always seem to dream of flying!!!!!

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New Stone Sculpture Project


Happy New Year everyone!!! Many blessings and love.

I am starting a new driftwood piece. I call these my medicine pieces as I feel they are full of different energies. Can you see what I see in this piece of brazilian soapstone? I just touched it half way up on the left side. I will let your imaginations flow until tomorrow!!!

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Finished Stone Sculpture!


So I chose to mount it on a rough rock to contrast with the smooth polished black of this finished sculpture. This was such a beautiful rock to work with. I oiled the parts that look really black and because I polished to 1200 grit it is really shiny! For contrast in the carving itself I made sure the rabbit was textured with a riffler file which I had to touch up after the oiling because the oil seeps and moves a little into those areas I want to keep textured. I always make sure to texture the fur in the directions it would go on an actual rabbit! I use Lee Valley Polymerized Tung Oil. I will talk about why I use that oil in more detail at another time.

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Finessing the Sculpture


As you can see I have fine tuned the rabbit head. I have given it a texture using a riffler file. This is usually the only time I use a file, to add texture.

All the elements are brought together by the hair almost braiding between the two faces. This stone sculpture has been smoothed out with a knife. There is still a bit more cleaning up to do with the surface and the next step is wet sanding and knifing. I start out at about a 220 grit and go to an 800 grit which gives this stone a polish. If I’m really picky about polish I might go to 1200 grit.


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Bringing the Elements Together


Now you can see how I started playing with the flow of the hair and the beard and bringing it together. I was trying to eliminate the dead space in between all three elements that are on this side. I love this part of the process, it’s my favorite part. Bringing different parts of a sculpture into a harmonious whole is the goal!!!

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Next Step in the Chlorite Stone Sculpture


I haven’t posted in a while, sorry about that! This is the next thing I saw in this fantastic stone sculpture. I saw this other face with a flowing beard. Now you can see what I am working with on this side of the stone. Time to start connecting everything and let one thing flow into another so it becomes a beautiful integrated sculpture piece. This is my favorite part of doing a stone sculpture. Where I have different elements that need to come together. Love it!!!!

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Chlorite Stone Sculpture In Progress


This is starting to take shape now! Can you see what I saw? The rabbit head on top of the face? And it is still just beginning. Working on stone sculpture in this way is a very exciting journey. The stone reveals itself to you, sometimes, piece by piece. Most of the time I never know the whole story at the beginning. I just work on what I can see first and I know the rest will come.

The natural shapes in this piece of chlorite are beautifully dynamic. I also wanted to mention, that when you work with¬†carving stone this closely, you don’t have to remove as much as if you were working from a block of stone. As you can see, I am quickly blocking out the shapes of each section as it comes to me. I’m not pulling out the details yet.

However, I also never follow the rules!!!



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