Finished Stone Sculpture “Harmony”


This is the second side of my stone sculpture finished. Surprise!!! It ended up being an eye instead of a spiral and that’s how this process works when you follow the stone. That is also why it is an exciting process when you are carving because you never really know how the sculpture is going to turn out until the end.

I use a polymerized Tung Oil that I buy at Lee Valley. I have used many different ways of finishing stones but I find that the best finishing for a warmer colored stone is this Polymerized Tung Oil. A lot of oils will evaporate out of the stone and leave it looking like it did before you oiled it but this particular Tung Oil stays in the stone. I don’t like a hard coating on the stone so I brush it on, let it soak in for a few minutes and then I wipe it off so that I don’t mess with the integrity of the beautiful surface. It just brings out the colors that are already in the stone. This is a golden based oil which is why I only use it with warmer stones that are browns, yellows or reds.

I will write up the different finishing options in a later post.

I named this stone sculpture “Harmony” because I was thinking that in this head is a coming together of elements, of the threads of life – the braiding – which to me shows a harmony that was achieved, all threads or elements working together to create inner vision or an inner knowing.





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