Chlorite Stone Sculpture In Progress


This is starting to take shape now! Can you see what I saw? The rabbit head on top of the face? And it is still just beginning. Working on stone sculpture in this way is a very exciting journey. The stone reveals itself to you, sometimes, piece by piece. Most of the time I never know the whole story at the beginning. I just work on what I can see first and I know the rest will come.

The natural shapes in this piece of chlorite are beautifully dynamic. I also wanted to mention, that when you work with carving stone this closely, you don’t have to remove as much as if you were working from a block of stone. As you can see, I am quickly blocking out the shapes of each section as it comes to me. I’m not pulling out the details yet.

However, I also never follow the rules!!!



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1 Response to Chlorite Stone Sculpture In Progress

  1. Beautiful sculptures Knicki! Thank you. I love the videos.


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